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Clan Origin

Normandy Roots of Scottish Families  This book by Archie McKerracher provides a fascinating insight into the migration of Normans to Scotland in the 11th & 12th centuries.

Scottish Origins

General Register Office for Scotland                         Top

    This is the central registry for births, marriages and deaths in Scotland and contains parish and other records from 1553, as well as the 1883 census. It has a web site, which can be searched for data from 1553 to 1900, by surname, Christian name, parish, and by event, birth, christening, marriage, death.

    The procedure is to log on, and pay a fee of GBP6, about US$10, by credit card which provides 24 hours of searching, and 30 downloads of information from the register, which may contain up to 20 entries each. A full copy of an entry costs GBP10, about US$16

    The site is run by the British Government. I have used it to search for references to Lauderdales from 1553 to 1900, and found it quick and efficient. For more recent data, personal searches must be made at the office.

Search your surname: the GRO site lists some researchers  

The Mormon Church Family Search Site                                Top

http://www.familysearch.org   Probably the best known genealogical research site, there is no charge for use, and it has a massive index drawn from all over the world.  It does, however, have many gaps, and for research into Scottish origins, the General Register Office for Scotland site is appreciably better, though it is not free.

'Time Magazine' states  "The Mormon Church, officially known as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, has begun testing a new website that eventually will be a repository of 600 million names, extracted from vital records worldwide. The Mormons consider genealogy part of their mission and have the world's most extensive records. "I think it is a wonderful site," says Michael Leclerc, reference librarian at the New England Historic Genealogical Society in Boston. "It is giving the most widespread access ever to the world's largest genealogical repository."

Maitland Genealogy Forum  This site contains a number of questions and answers about Maitlands, and is interesting to look at from time to time.  No connection with Clan Maitland Society

Anthony Maitland, descended from Frederick Lewis Maitland of Rankeilour, by his Jamaican mistress, Mary Arnott has a web site on his family.                                                Top    is an online genealogy service giving
access to a comprehensive database of compiled genealogical
information on the Internet. It will help you find the family that you're looking
for faster and easier without spending lots of time and money.
You can search by any criteria you can think of.  So if you would like to search for
Example: "john smith" AND "08-12-1768" with a simple "point & click"
it would take you directly to the information requested.
Records cover all 50 US States and most countries overseas including
but not limited to:
-Immigration Records -Census Records -Land Records-Church Records
-Court House Records-Cemetery Records
-Birth Records -Death & Mortality Records-Marriage Records
-Military Records-Wills of Testament
-Published Genealogies & Family Histories-Pedigrees
No connection with Clan Maitland, and not tested by us

Scot Roots - A  genealogy service,  Scot Roots is an ancestor exploration 
service for people who want to both find and understand their family roots in 
Scotland.  Scot Roots enliven  family trees with historic photos and maps, and 
 offer  guaranteed ancestor searches, or no payment is due.   Not tested by us

History and People                        Top

William Maitland of Lethington  This site has a picture of William Maitland.

Maitland, Earl of Lauderdale   A small site with information on the Maitlands

Frederick Maitland,   Downing Professor, Cambridge. An outstanding 19th century legal and constitutional historian.

Paul Maitland   1883  - 1909 An Impressionist painter, 20 of whose works are in the Tate Gallery, London.  See the  Tate Gallery   web site for details and some of the pictures.

Sir Arthur Steel Maitland  a Cabinet Minister in the British government in 1916, and an active politician during the period. He entered Parliament in 1905 and remained there, with occasional breaks until 1935.                                                                Top

Herbert Lethington Maitland  Physician and surgeon Director of Sydney hospital 1916

John Maitland  is President of the CFMEU union in Australia. See picture and biography

Sara Maitland    Book synopsis Three Times Table.  Sara is one of the Maitlands of Dundrennan

Journey of the Maitland to Australia 1838   An account of an early emigrant voyage

Clan Barclay   Charles Barclay Maitland, 2nd son of VIth Earl,  married a Barclay heiress.

Clan Lauder   This site refers to the Lauder family, long established residents of Lauderdale, and contains valuable information on this family, who married into the Maitland family on several occasions.                                                                                                            

Jane Austen info page search results  Jane Austen knew several Maitlands in Hampshire and wrote about them

Jane Austen -- Letters -- Brabourne Edition -- Letters to Cassandra, 1801

Jane Austen -- Letters -- Brabourne Edition -- Letters to Cassandra, 1808, 1809 -- Part 1

Fuller Maitland Library  John Fuller Maitland (1889-1911) was a noted music critic, and composer of hymns.  His music collection is in Lancaster Library.  The Fitzwilliam Virginal Book   edited by J A Fuller Maitland is a leading work on 16th Century music.

Historical Archives - Maitland Club The Maitland Club was founded in 1828 in Glasgow, Scotland, for the "cultivation of the literary antiquities of Scotland". Named for the blind poet Sir Richard Maitland of Lethington, father of William Maitland (Secretary Maitland) and John Maitland, 1st Lord Maitland)

Court of Henri II of France    William Maitland of Lethington, Secretary to Queen Mary, married Mary Fleming, one of the Queen's "Four Maries", ladies in waiting who accompanied her as children to the  Court of Henri II in the 16th century. She has no living traceable descendants, but the Maitlands of Lauderdale are descended from her brother-in law, John Maitland.

Buildings                                                         Top

Thirlestane Castle,  Lauder, Berwickshire.  Maitlands were living in Lauderdale before 1250.

Originally at Old Thirlestane, they began to rebuild the present castle (whose origins date from about 1300) in 1585.   Capt. The Hon Gerald Maitland-Carew, Lord Lieutanant,  lives there with his family. It has magnificent ceilings, good furniture and an excellent collection of late 19th century and Edwardian portraits in addition to a good collection of 17th and 18th century portraits.       Top

Opening Times 2013                                                                               Top

Admission   Adult   ?.50, Senior ?.50, Child ?.50

Grounds and Tearoom open as above from 12.00 noon.


Rates for  for Scottish Championship Horse Trials to be announced.

Winter and out of hours tours attract a minimum charge of £120.00 for groups of 20 or more.

Guided tours are available from 11.00 am to 2.00 pm and last about 50 minutes. Thereafter, until the last admission at 4.15 pm, visitors are invited to tour the Castle at their own pace with friendly guides available to answer any questions. Colour-coded room notes are available in English, French, German, Japanese, Dutch and Italian. Guided tours for groups can be arranged outwith normal opening times.

Old Thirlestane                                                                                                                                                Top

OldThirlestane.jpg (100922 bytes)

The original Thirlestane Castle - where Thomas de Thirlestane lived when his daughter Avicia  de Thirlestane married Richard Mautalent around 1250 - lies about 2 miles south east of Thirlestane Castle in Lauder. This was "the darksome tower" defended for several weeks by Richard Mautalent against English forces under Edward I.   It was very uncomfortable and small, and the Maitlands had made Lethington (now Lennoxlove) their principal residence by around 1300.   To find the tower, take the road from Lauder to Greenlaw & Duns.

HAM HOUSE                                                                                                            Top
Ham House, Richmond Surrey    Well known as a treasure house of the 17th century, Ham was extended, furnished and decorated  by the Duke & Duchess of Lauderdale between 1672 and 1688.  The house today is largely as they left it, with most of the furniture in the rooms as listed in the inventory of 1683.  Some of the decoration was personally supervised by King Charles Ist, a close friend of William Murray, Earl of Dysart who undertook the earlier decoration. 

Telephone 020 8940 1950
Facsimile 020 8332 6903

The house is open from 1 April every day from Saturday to Wednesday
Closed Thursday & Friday
House open 1.00 p.m. –5.00 p.m.
Tea Room open 11 00 a.m. - 5.30 p.m.
Gardens open 1030 a.m. –6.00 p.m.

Lauderdale House  located on Highgate Hill was the Duke's London home before he moved to Ham House.  Now an art centre.  Nell Gwynne was a tenant after the Duke moved to Ham.

The Haddington & Whitekirk Pilgrimage Maitlands have been associated with Haddington  from around 1300, and have been buried in the Lauderdale Aisle at St Mary's Haddington.  This church is now a centre for ecumenical pilgrimages.

Lennoxlove,   formerly Lethington                                                  Top

Lennoxlove, Haddington, East Lothian. Formerly Lethington, this was a key Maitland residence from about 1300 until 1682.  Now the home of the Duke of Hamilton  The web site is excellent, with diagrams and lots of pictures and well worth a visit (as is the house!)

A house of great historic interest dating back to before the 14th century. Containing treasures from the Hamilton Palace collection of portraits, furniture and porcelain. Also on show is Mary Queen of Scots death mask, silver casket and sapphire ring. 


The House is open from the 13 April  to the 28  October.


Wednesdays, Thursdays, Sundays 
and some  Saturdays  (Please check beforehand for Saturdays) 


Guided tours half hourly starting at 2pm. The last tour is at 4.30pm. (NB Tours in April and October hourly)
Groups are advised to pre-book.
Other times can be made by appointment. Guided Tours with refreshments can also be arranged.

Entry Prices Adults     £4.00
Children  £2.00


Extensive parking facilities for cars and buses are available near to the House.

Telephone 01620 823 720

Disabled Access:

Limited access (the Hall, Oak Room and Servants' Hall) can be gained by disabled visitors via the front door (by arrangement) where there is a low step, otherwise touring the House involves staircases. There is disabled access to the Garden Cafe and the toilets.

Guided Tour with tea/coffee and shortbread or scone


Guided Tour with canapés and wine or sherry/whisky


Dryburgh Abbey was associated with Maitlands in the 14th century, when Richard Mauteland or Maitland gave land  to the abbey, and Robert Mawtalent,  Dominus de Thirlestane, witnessed a charter for them in 1343.

Cities & Places called Maitland                                                             Top

North America

City of Maitland     Maitland, FLA. is located on the north east side of Orlando, and has a very pretty lake, with nineteenth century buildings around it. The police cars have the Chief's Arms on the side....Named after Major William Seton Maitland, who fought in the Seminole Wars, but never visited Fort Maitland or Lake Maitland nearby. Seton Maitland & Co was a well kown mercantile house in New York in the late 18th century.

Fort Lauderdale  is named after Major William Lauderdale, (of Maitland origin) of the Tennessee Battalion of Volunteers who established a fort on that site during the Seminole Wars, early in 1838, and completed April1838.

Fort Lauderdale Highlanders In Fort Lauderdale, a pipe band which is taking on the Maitland tartan.   Care - the photo on the site shows the previous rig!

Maitland, Nova Scotia This small fishing community is located at the head of the Bay of Fundy. Named after Sir Peregrine Maitland

Maitland, Ontario  This community is located on the St Lawrence River, about 100 miles south of Ottawa.    Named after Sir Peregrine Maitland

Port Maitland Outer Range Light   Port Maitland, on Lake Erie, Ontario, is a small settlement. The site shows a picture of the lighthouse


Maitland NSW   The web site for Maitland, NSW, about 200 miles north of Sydney, in the Hunter Valley, Australia   City of Maitland Pipes & Drums Inc located in Maitland NSW Australia. Maitland Pipe Band,   wears Maitland tartan.

Western Australia - Maitland Bay in Wyndham-East Kimberley was named by James Martin on the 28 June 1863 after Maitland Brown, the brother of two men who accompanied Martin on his voyage to the Glenelg River. Maitland River in Roebourne  was named after Maitland Brown by Francis Gregory, the leader of the expedition on 26 May 1861   Lake Maitland  A uranium mine in Western Australia south east of Wiluna.  How did the name arrive? See below Alexander Gibb Maitland.

Maitland Downs - Western Australia - between Pt Douglas and Cooktown near the Palmer River Road House

Maitland Range - NorthWestern Australia due south of Napier Broom Bay

Mount Maitland - Western Australia north of Meekatharra

Alexander Gibb Maitland was Government Geologist for Western Australia 1896 to 1926, andd seems to have named the above.


Sites of General Scottish Interest                                                                  Top

Lochcarron John Buchan are the appointed and exclusive suppliers of tartan to Clan Maitland. They hold a list of members of the registered members of Clan Maitland, and whilst they will supply a wide range of Scottish goods, only sell tartan to registered members of the Clan Maitland Society. 

Note - several sites are listed below which also offer Scottish goods for sale.   Clan Maitland offers no warrant for their performance, and has not purchased any goods from them.

United Kingdom Primary Documents   contains amongst other items the Declaration of Arbroath, 1320, a key document in the assertion of Scottish independence   "It is in truth not for glory, nor riches, nor honours that we are fighting, but for freedom -- for that alone, which no honest man gives up but with life itself."  

A history of Scottish Literature  Andrew Crumey - a good account of developments in the 17th to 19th centuries, especially of the Scottish Enlightenment

Electric Scotland   A site of general Scottish interest.

Impressions/clans A site of general Scottish interest.                                                                Top

 Rampant Scotland  A site of general Scottish interest. 

Gathering of the Clans  A site of general Scottish interest. 

Tartans Com   A site which contains many items of Scots interest.

Tartan Authority - An independent organisation which records and tartan and its history

ScotWars     This site has substantial coverage of the tumultuous 16th and 17th century period in Scots history, in which the Maitlands were active political leaders.  Chancellor Maitland - to James VI, and the Duke of Lauderdale in the 17th century, and Secretary for Scotland 1662 - 1681 feature.

Sites for buying items of Scottish interest 

Clan Maitland can take no responsibility for any transactions with these sites or traders

The Scotch Corner  

The Celtic Connection  


Genealogical Help Pages   A site with genealogical   advice                                                                                                                                                   Top

Discribe  A Canadian site which provides information on Scots families

Books                                                                                  Top

Sir Richard Maitland, d 1490 - poems - The Maitland Folio Manuscript, from  Pepysian  Library, Magdalene College Cambridge.   Vol 1William Blackwood & Sons Edinburgh, 1919. Sir Richard Maitland was not only an outstanding lawyer, but also a fine poet, and his work is witty as well as thoughtful and penetrating. Written in the Scots of the 16th century, it is intelligible to those familiar with 21st century Scots dialect.

An Inquiry into the Nature and Origin of Public Wealth  
Earl of Lauderdale, Constable, 1804  2nd Edition, greatly enlarged, 1819.   This is a fundamental work of economics, and the foundation of Keynesian economics

Domesday Book & Beyond, Professor F W Maitland, 1897  Frederick Maitland,  

Surrender of Bonaparte Capt. F L Maitland, Colburn, 1826

Lauder & Lauderdale   A Thomson, Craighead Brothers, Galashiels 1902
Replica edition now available from The Post Office, Lauder Berwickshire

Roads of Mediaeval Lauderdale R. P. Hardie Edinburgh.1942.

William Maitland of Lethington - The Minister of Mary Stuart - His Life and Times" by E. Russell  London.1912.

John Maitland of Thirlestane, Prof. Maurice Lee, Princeton UP, 1959

Life & Times of John Maitland, Duke of Lauderdale,  W C Mackenzie, Kegan, Paul, Trench & Co, 1923

Lauderdale Correspondence being 89 letters from John Earl of Lauderdale to Sir John Gilmore, Bt., President of Session in the 1660s.  Edinburgh. 1933

Elizabeth of the Sealed Knot, Doreen Cripps, The Roundwood Press, 1975
An account of Elizabeth, Countess of Dysart and Duchess of Lauderdale d 1698

The Land of Lost Content,  Robert Reid, Heinemann 1986  covers the Luddite revolt of 1812 and Sir Thomas Maitland’s part in its suppression.

Maitland & San Martin, Rodolfo Terragno, Universidad Nacional de Quilmes.  General Sir Thomas Maitland formulated in 1800 a strategy for liberating Spain's American colonies. This strategy was followed closely by San Martin from 1812 to 1820. Did San Martin know of Sir Thomas' plan, or had he devised his own strategy which was driven by the same facts?  In Spanish, with Sir Thomas' plans in original text.   See the web site

The Colonial Administration of Sir Thomas Maitland, C. W. Dixon, London 1939, reprinted Frank Cass Ltd 1968.   Drawn from Colonial Office archives fort he period 1805 - 1820

The Kandyan Wars, the British Army in Ceylon 1803 -1818   G Powell, Leo Cooper, London 1973, covers Sir Thomas Maitland's administration

Sir Henry Maitland-Wilson, later Field Marshal Lord Wilson of Libya. Eight Years Overseas,  Hutchinson.  Memoirs of his service in the Mediterranean theatre, where he was Supreme Allied Commander Mediterranean 1944 in succession to General Eisenhower.

History of the Lauderdales in America  (Heritage, 1998) Clint Lauderdale,   3527 Albemarle Street NW Washington DC 2008

The Maitlands of Kirkton of Oyne, Aberdeenshire and some of their descendants.  This traces the descendants of Robert Maitland of Oyne, lived in Oyne 1710 to 1721, at least, where his children were baptised. A very thorough piece of research, 424 pages, very well indexed. Author:  Richardson Dougall, 1999.  $30 or £20 from R Dougall,  3120 SE Stark Street, Apt 1023,  Portland Oregon, 97214-3092, USA

  Genealogy                           Top