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Clan Activities

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United Kingdom        

The Clan Council meets about every two months at the home of the Deputy Chief in London. If you would like to come - please email the chief


                We plan a four day gathering in Scotland in July 2009 to coincide with The Gathering in Edinburgh on 25 July 2009.    This is a big event with a march of the clans up the Royal Mile (which we plan to join)  and pageant on the castle esplanade that evening.  Visit the event web site for the full story.

                We have reserved all the accommodation at the Carfraemill Lodge Hotel, which we used for the last gathering in Lauderdale, and the Black Bull Hotel, about 18 rooms in all.  We will also book some bed and breakfast accommodation as well for those who prefer it.

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The Programme

Friday, July 24/09 - Make your own way to Lauder.  
There is a regular bus service from Edinburgh to Lauder which stops at Carfreamill.
Tea at Carfraemill. Walk in Thirlestane Park or up the burn. Informal supper.

Saturday, July 25/09 - Participate in the Parade of the Clans in Edinburgh, arriving/departing in a rented coach.  Attend the Highland Games in Holyrood Park and the Clan Pageant on Edinburgh Castle esplanade that evening.

Sunday, July 26/09  

See Old Thirlestane Castle,   Lunch Black Bull, Lauder    Afternoon visit Thirlestane Castle, have tea.
Dinner Carfraemill

Monday, July 27/09 

Visit Haddington to see Lauderdale Aisle, then Lennoxlove.
Glenkinchie whisky distillery.
Dinner  Black Bull

Tuesday, July 28/09  

Visit Crichton Castle, then Traquair House.

Formal Clan Dinner in the Evening and AGM.

Wednesday, July 29/09

Departure back to Edinburgh. 

            The Edinburgh Tattoo starts on the 7th August 2009, so Clansfolk wishing to attend it should bear the date in mind when planning their trip.

                Pricing for the trip has to be arranged, but as a guide, the hotels cost about ?0 a night for bed and breakfast for two people. Dinners will probably be around ?5 a head.  Add transport for a coach and entrance fees about ? a head - say something like ?00 a head in all. At ?25 a day this is good value, but this is nowhere near a final estimate and only an indication.



Wednesday 9 March - Clan visit to Tate Gallery London to see their collection of paintings by the Impressionist Paul Maitland, 1863 -1909. Maitland was inspired by Whistler, and his works are sometimes attributed to the latter.

Saturday 4 or 11 June   Annual General Meeting - visit to National Maritime Museum Greenwich.

Early September   Gathering at Thirlestane Castle

Australia - members meet regularly at the home of Ann Cooper, 12/2 Eddy Road, Chatswood, Sydney 2067 Next meeting 6 August at 7.45 pm.

Sunday 29 June noon  Picnic at St Ives Wildflower Gardens nr Sydney, 

April 2004 - Brigadoon in Bundadoon


June 13 - 16

Gathering and AGM - t Blois, France from June 13 to 16 in conjunction with Societe Mautalent / Maitland. We shall visit the Chateaux of Blois and Chambord where Mary Fleming was brought up as a Lady in Waiting to Mary Queen of Scots. She married William Maitland of Lethington, Secretary to Queen Mary.  
Details of gathering       Photos of Gathering

August 3

We gather at Reswallie, near Forfar on Sunday 3 August for a buffet lunch

September 18-20

Clan Maitland North America convention in Calgary, Canada, with visit to Columbia Ice Fields and excursion to Banff  

Maitlen Family Reunion !!When:      October 11, 2003    Where:     Gene Maitlen Farm   Cushing, OK

That's right! The Maitlen Family will be gathering October 11, 2003 (Yes, that's this year!). We are all quite excited about seeing one another face-to-face, many of us for the very first time.

October 22

The Guards Museum, London Meeting 6.30pm Wed 22 Oct to visit the new exhibition of Sir Peregrine Maitland's medals, including the Waterloo medal, and his portrait. Sir Peregrine commanded the 1st Foot Guards at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815 when his troops inflicted on the French Imperial Guard the blow which ended the battle.


Gathering and Annual General Meeting 2003

  A visit to the Chateaux of the Loire  
Top       Photos of Gathering

                                                      13 to 16 June 2003

Our foreign trips to places connected with the Maitlands have proved popular and successful, with good company and some excellent food.  This year we plan a trip to see where our kinswoman Mary Maitland lived during her stay with the amazing Renaissance  Court of Henri II of France - during one of the high points of  French civilisation.
            In 1548 Mary Stuart, the 6 years old Queen of Scotland, was sent to France for her safety during one of the many conflicts with England. She travelled accompanied by her 4 Maries - Ladies in Waiting - of her own age. The chief of these was Mary Fleming, (who later married Sir. William Maitland of Lethington, the Queen’s Secretary of State). They stayed in France until 1561, when the Queen returned to Scotland.  They first lived at the Chateau of Anet near Paris, and then from 1551 until 1561 they accompanied the Royal Court of Henri II, which spent much time at the great chateaux of the Loire, especially Blois and Chambord, a precursor of Versailles.  After the death of her first husband, Francois II, King of France, Mary Stuart returned to Scotland.
            The French court at the period was the finest and most glittering in Europe, where artists and engineers such as Leonardo da Vinci lived and were employed. I find it extraordinary that a kinswoman of mine should have lived in this splendid environment.
            We plan to visit two of the most important chateaux used by the Court at that period, where Mary Stuart and Mary Fleming were brought up as young women.